countries with the best food

Here we give information for all the food countries with the best food
lovers of the world. If you are a foodie, then you are reading the right article of your interest. Good and tasty meal is loved by everyone; no person in the world can deny the fact that he or she does not like tasty and good cuisine. The world is crowded with many food restaurants. You can find meal anywhere because many people in the world are linked with the food’s business. To eat the best and elegant food is the wish of every person. But we feel difficulty in finding which one is the best cuisine. This article will tell you the countries that are famous for their cooking recipes. These countries have created a name for having the best foods. Food prepared in these countries largely depends upon the taste and culture of their residents. But their meal is also appreciated by other people in the world. Now almost all types of restaurants offer great variety in the menu. Their menus have foods from all countries. By eating the food from different countries, you can also estimate the culture and taste of their people. Foods from different countries are ranked in this article. These countries are with the best foods in the world.

10. Turkey
List of Top Ten Countries with Best FoodTurkish history is related to the Ottoman Empire. Turkish cuisine is also the result of great Ottoman Empire’s efforts. So, their meal is influenced by the cuisine of Middle Eastern countries. Turkish cuisine also has the European cuisine’s influence. But Ottoman Empire invented many new dishes that enriched the Turkish food. Their meal is mostly cooked by using the olive oil. As Turkey is rich in the production of olive oil, so it is a great part of their meal. Cuisine is full of spices, and most famous foods are kebab and kofte. There are different recopies of kebabs. Fish is also an important part of their cuisine.

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